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Studio Safety Policies

Client safety is a top priority in the studio

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, we ask that all clients carefully review and adhere to the following safety guidelines to ensure the health and well being of both your family and ours.


Winter 2022 Update: I have received both doses of the COVID-19 vaccine plus a booster dose. I will continue to mask for newborn sessions, however milestone and maternity clients will have the option to be un-masked in the studio according to their comfort level.

masks & face coverings

Masks will be required to enter the studio and must remain on for the duration of your session. Masks may only be removed briefly if you are being photographed. Your photographer will also be wearing a surgical mask for the entirety of your session.

leave your shoes at the door

To reduce the amount of dirt & germs being tracked into the studio and onto the floors, you will be asked to remove your shoes before entering. Strollers must be parked outside in the hallway. Infant car seats may be brought in and left near the door.

regular hand washing is a must

You will be asked to wash or sanitize your hands immediately upon entering the studio. Hand sanitizer is available or you may wash using soap and water in the adjacent bathroom. Your photographer will frequently disinfect with hand sanitizer throughout the duration of your session and after touching any props or hard surfaces.

all linens & clothing to be laundered between sessions

This is already a standard practice at the studio! All fabric backdrops, swaddles, and burp cloths will be laundered after each session. We only use free-and-clear detergents and stain removers on our props to ensure baby's sensitive skin stays safe. Items that cannot easily be washed will be used sparingly (or not at all) between sessions.

A clean studio for every session

This is another standard practice, but during this time extra emphasis will be put on cleaning the studio between each session. Disinfecting products including Clorox wipes & Lysol spray will be used to clean hard surfaces. An air purifier has been installed that will run before, during, and after your session to reduce airborne germs and irritants.

immediate family only

In order to minimize exposure and keep foot traffic to a bare minimum in the studio, only immediate family members will be allowed to attend sessions. Anyone who does not currently live in your home with you cannot be present in the studio. Siblings will need to leave the studio as soon as their portion of the session has finished. If they will not be included in the session at all, they are kindly asked to stay home with a parent or caretaker.

extra time between sessions

All studio sessions will be scheduled at least 24-48 hours apart to allow for thorough cleaning and disinfecting between clients. I will not be able to accommodate more than 1 studio session per day. Your flexibility with scheduling is appreciated as this will impact the number of sessions I can schedule per week.

thank you for your cooperation!

Please note that additions and/or modifications may be added to these safety procedures at any time in accordance with the most recent local and federal guidelines and regulations. IF YOU OR ANYONE IN YOUR HOUSEHOLD IS SICK OR HAS HAD RECENT KNOWN EXPOSURE TO COVID-19 YOU MUST RE-SCHEDULE, NO EXCEPTIONS!


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